sofa plans

I recently bought this antique sofa via craigs list.  I probably won’t get to this ‘little’ project for a while, but I like planning and dreaming.  I’m thinking of white fabric, I know, I know, white sofa+2 kids and 1 dog = bad idea.   But I ordered some samples and have been trying my best to stain them, look coffee!  If I’m honest, I spill, stain etc, just as much as the kids.  I have the bad fortune of spilling my coffee, on the sofa, on a regular basis.


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2 Responses to sofa plans

  1. Jen 2009, November 24 at 8:41 pm #

    I love that sofa! What a great find:) And I can’t wait to see pictures of it when you’re finished.

  2. yolande 2009, November 25 at 7:43 am #

    Hi Lisa,

    Just have the sofa scotch guarded or get a micro fiber fabric (they have nice ones now). My daughter, who didn’t want to swallow the piece of chocolate grandma gave her cause she liked the taste, accidently spit some out onto our white sofa, and I was able to wipe it off after I had a heart attack.